Amanda Nunes and Cat Zingano reignite longtime feud, shots fired

1 year ago
It’s no secret Amanda Nunes and Cat Zingano are two bantamweight’s who simply cannot stand each other. The two fought back in September 2014 with Zingano emerging victorious via a round three TKO.
UFC bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes lost to Cat Zingano back in 2014.
Since the fight Nunes has been on a five fight winning streak, which includes four first round finishes over the likes of Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, Sara McMann and Shayna Baszler. Of course at UFC 200 back in July, Nunes won the UFC bantamweight championship. Meanwhile Zingano is currently on a two fight losing streak since her victory over Nunes. She lost to Ronda Rousey in 14 seconds back in February 2015. Many fans felt Zingano had the potential to win but used entirely the wrong game plan for this fight, as charging into Rousey is the opposite of what an opponent of the Judo star should be trying to do. She took another loss to Julianna Pena via unanimous decision at UFC 200 this year, Pena is
Zingano wants the chance to fight Nunes again.
currently undefeated since joining the UFC. Three months ago Zingano hit out at the current champion in a series of tweets saying “I already stopped the champ Amanda Nunes I want to avenge my loss to Ronda Rousey when the belt is hers again. Get it girl!”. Nunes immediately responded saying “stop looking back, you just lost… again. You already had ur chance… get in line”, she also commented on her trash talk saying “this is fun“. From this moment on things got intense with Zingano telling Nunes “Not as fun as slicing an axe wound in to your face was, I didn’t say I want a shot now, I got other fight plans y’all. I said I want Ronda Rousey to piece her up, so when I’m back up,we scrap”. Nunes responded “I hope u make it back up this way, I would also like to avenge my loss.” Zingano finished with “Back? I never left, you’ve been keeping my seat warm. You wouldn’t “like” anything with me. I’ll smash & toss you like recycling a Coke can. The blood I ate o

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