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1 year ago
Spoil Your Cat on International Cat Day

If you’re like many cat lovers, you probably read this title and think “I spoil my cat every day.” Of course, you do! Whether your kitty sleeps on a silken pillow and enjoys the fresh “catch of the day” or stalks the great outdoors during daylight hours, cats have certain…well…EXPECTATIONS. As a cat lover, you know those expectations may range from enjoying their favorite treats at a specific time to enjoying an afternoon lounging in the sunshine. And why not? They do offer love and hours of entertainment. International Cat Day was founded in 2002 by IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare. While you may not currently be in a position to adopt a cat, (maybe you already have 2,3, ahem…), here are some great ways to show your cats some extra love today. Here are 3 Ideas to Shake Up Your Routine:

Plant Some Catnip – You may be familiar with the catnip herb. You may have even purchased catnip stuffed toys at the pet store. This year, why don’t you consider planting catnip in a pot in your home? Catnip grows well in a pot on a sunny windowsill and if your cat enjoys it, then you can provide Fluffy with hours of entertainment year-round.
Cat enjoying catnip
Photo via kateieb50
Why do some cats love catnip? It’s biological. There’s a chemical inside the herb called nepetalactone and it affects your kitties’ brain so they roll around on the floor and act a little spacy.

Give Them Their Own Water Glasses – You know how cats prefer your water glass to their own bowl? Why not find some wide lipped, shorter glasses (short, cocktail type glasses work well), fill them with water and leave them near your cat’s favorite napping spots? cat drinking from water glassGet Them a Box – You know how cats love curling up in a box? Why not find a plastic container or cardboard box and put it out for them? It could be their new favorite place! Cat in a boxTry Out New Treats - Treats always feel like pampering time. Why not get two or three new varieties and see which ones your cat enjoys the most? You

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