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Cat lovers around the world can soon mark their feline friendships with International Cat Day.The event, celebrated worldwide, is a fun way for people to celebrate their bond with cats and to advocate for their welfare.Here’s everything you need to know about what International Cat Day is, when it is and celebrations to mark the date.
Cat lovers will soon be able to celebrate International Cat Day 2018 across the entire world

What is International Cat Day?

International Cat Day is an annual global event that celebrates the bond between cats and humans and advances animal welfare causes.It was created back in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare as a way for people around the world to mark their friendship with cats. A similar holiday, World Cat Day, is celebrated on February 17 across most of Europe and on March 1 in Russia.

When is International Cat Day 2018?

International Cat Day 2018 will be held on Wednesday, August 8.It’s celebrated on August 8 on an annual basis worldwide.

International Cat Day celebrations

Cat lovers can partake in many activities to celebrate International Cat Day.A few ideas include volunteering at a local cat shelter or donating to an animal welfare charity such as the ASPCA, the National Cat Protection Society, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Blind Cat Rescue and the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation.International Cat Day is also the perfect time to visit a cat café for a cup of coffee and the chance to pet and play with cats. Most involve paying an hourly cover charge, letting you determine how long you want to stay and how much you ultimately wish to pay.Cat cafés have become increasingly common in recent years and can be found in the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, India and elsewhere in the world. 

Why do cats purr?

Cats purr for a variety of reasons to convey their emotions. Per Cat Behavior Associates: 'The cat’s purr has been compared to the human smile. People smile for a

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