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1 year ago
Facing numerous lawsuits, the New York startup said it "is cancelling the accounts of every customer who was not either associated with law enforcement or some other federal, state, or local government department, office, or agency.” CEO Hoan Ton-That said his facial recognition app is strictly for law enforcement. But he’s shared it with political connections, potential investors, and entities designated as “Friend.” Following reporting from BuzzFeed News, Sen. Ed Markey slammed Clearview for its “unacceptable” responses to a prior letter and asked how its facial recognition technology might lead foreign governments to “suppress their citizens.” Clearview AI is operating a sister entity called Insight Camera that’s been experimenting with live facial recognition, according to documents seen by BuzzFeed News and companies that have used it. The office for Rep. John Ratcliffe had access to use Clearview AI’s facial recognition, but never logged in or ran searches. A BuzzFeed News analysis of Clearview AI’s app for Apple’s mobile operating system found that the company had been violating the iPhone maker’s rules to distribute its apps to law enforcement agencies and other customers. A BuzzFeed News review of Clearview AI documents has revealed the company is working with more than 2,200 law enforcement agencies, companies, and individuals around the world. ”The report is absurd on many levels and further demonstrates that Clearview simply does not understand the harms of its technology in law enforcement hands.”

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