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2 years ago

Mark McGwire & Roger Maris

by Pat from Mill Valley

A hero to me is someone that gives to charity, never gives up and does what he can for the world or community. That is what a hero is to me. But a hero is much more than that because he could also be a fireman, police officer, or even a little old baseball player. Mark McGwire is a hero to me not only because he hit 70 home runs but also because he gives a lot of money to charity. I think Mark is inspired by his twelve year old son named Matt. Matt inspires him to do baseball clinics and other activities like that for the community. Mark McGwire was traded to St. Louis from the Oakland A’s in 1996. Roger Maris is a hero also not only because he set the record the record of 61 home runs, but also because he cared about children, homeless people and people other than himself. Both Roger Maris and Mark McGwire gave to charity and all those little things that make a big difference. Both set records and both played for St.Louis. All together they were both very good hearted gentlemen.
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