Paramore break out into the mainstream with 'Riot!'.

2 years ago
Oh, how I wanted to hate this album.After the release of their debut, All We Know is Falling, I sat back and watched this band become the talk of our little website. I guess when you have a large enough group of pubescent boys together, any female immediately becomes a discussion topic. This phenomenon has led to countless threads discussing the lead singer of this band (a girl for those not in the know) and her dating habits, relative “hotness,” fashion sense, and just about any other topic not related to her band’s music. So when this album arrived in my mailbox, I was, to put it mildly, not in the mood to give it the time of day. So I did the rational thing: I ignored it. I hid it on my shelf and pretended it never arrived. Didn’t even open the CD case once. Mature? I know.Fast forward a few weeks and I’m sitting in my room arguing with myself about whether or not I should turn on the air-conditioning. The amount of energy I will have to expend by walking downstairs and operating the thermostat is just enough to make me contemplate its relative worth. I finally concoct a brilliant plan to get myself off my ass: I will grab myself something to drink and go for a jog around the block. I figure by the time I get back – I’ll have raised my body temperature from being outside that when I enter the slightly cooler environment of my home it’ll feel like heaven. So I grab a portable CD player and look at my shelf of “listen to” CDs. I grab one and head outside. I frown slightly upon realizing what I’ve selected, yet pop in that Paramore album I was secretly hoping I’d never hear. I press play and head down the street. It’s about 45 seconds later that a thought enters my brain I never expected: “Ah, fuck, this shit is catchy as balls.”So it is within that run around the neighborhood that I had my first sugar-filled taste of the new album from Paramore. For my entire jog I enjoyed the music – by the time I had arrived back home and finished a cold shower – I had completely

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