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1 year ago

2nd Amendment MOVEMENT

What: False Flag Operation at Virginia Gun Rally

When: January 20, 2020

Where: Richmond, Virginia

WhoDeep State + Virginia State Government + FBI’s COINTELPRO + C.I.A. + Mainstream Media

How: Gladio-style Mass Shooting and/or Bombing
and/or Riots Triggered by Agents Provocateurs
and/or Vandalism Perpetrated by Fake Patriots
and/or Shocking Crime Sprees by Crisis Actors
While All of These Are Misrepresented by MSM

Why: To Gut the Second Amendment in Virginia, and
then the Entire Nation

State of the Nation

This “Special Report” is being issued to each and every American patriot and gun rights advocate.

First, it’s imperative that every patriot read the following THREAT ASSESSMENT about the Virginia gun rally in Richmond which written by “a former Navy seal who really knows the deal”.
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Anyone who was unable to read the preceding article ought to consider the following distillation sent to SOTN by another 2A patriot:
“Anyone showing up in Richmond on January 20th must consider these harsh realities. First, that the gun control freaks control the entire Richmond battlefield. The globalist perps literally own and operate on every square inch of the Virginia capital. Secondly, the CIA’s Mockingbird Media will be strategically positioned throughout the protest venue to capture any video and/or photos necessary to indict a patriot protestor. For all anybody knows, the Mainstream Media already has ‘damning’ photos and video footage fabricated on their propaganda-producing sets in Hollywood and New York City. Thirdly, the globalists have had a lot of time to set up the Virginia battleground so that the patriots are effectively neutralized should a false flag attack, or series of attacks, be staged. Who even knows how many fake patriots will show up as crisis actors ready

Cited/Cached from: https://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2020/01/operate-eliminate-2nd-amendment-movement-a-special-report-on-the-covertly-sabotaged-virginia-gun-rally-3504295.html. You can click the below button to read all from the source.
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