What Happened to the Stock Market Today?

1 year ago
last updated What happened to the stock market today? Interest rates may rise in 2020. Tariffs and trade wars are here. The Coronavirus struck. Why is the market up or down? The stock market is a collection of countless transactions. It doesn't have an opinion; it has millions. It doesn't have feelings. It's not a single thing and it's not a single stock and it doesn't speak with one voice. Sometimes stocks go up. Sometimes stocks go down. Unless you're an active day trader flipping penny stocks (and if you are, please understand the risks of penny stock trading), what happens in the stock market on one day or another probably isn't as big a deal as the financial news wants you to believe. Yet as you can learn from One Up On Wall Street or The Little Book of Common Sense Investing, this doesn't have to affect your returns in the long term. It can even be a great opportunity for you to find bargains in the stock market! Before you panic and sell everything (or rush out and buy everything, hoping for a bounce), take a minute to catch your breath. Close your eyes. Go make yourself a smoothie. There's no rush; the market will be there when you get back. Ready?

The Coronavirus May Disrupt the Global Economy

In late 2019, the Coronavirus struck. Before the Chinese New Year 2020, China had moved aggressively to build new hospitals and quarantine the ill to reduce the spread of the disease. Other countries began to turn away travelers as a precaution. By late February 2020, fears of the disease's spread and impact caused many global firms to worry about manufacturing and sales within China. For example, what happens to electronics giants such as Apple if:
  • Their Chinese factories can't meet production goals, making fewer iPhones and iPads to sell
  • Their Asian customers aren't buying new iPhones and iPads because they're spending their time and energy fighting the Coronavirus
Fears of a global pandemic may be premature, but a global economy

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