7 hours ago ... William Easton, Facebook's managing director in Australia, said the company
6 hours ago ... Facebook to block Australians from posting, sharing and viewing news content.
4 hours ago ... Australians are waking to the news that Facebook has dramatically banned local
8 hours ago ... A shocking move has left Australians banned from viewing news content on
11 hours ago ... In reaction to a new law in Australia, Facebook is ending the ability of its
24 Dec 2020 ... Facebook bans Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans over coronavirus
18 Feb 2021 ... Facebook has responded to a proposed new law by banning Australian users
18 Feb 2021 ... Why you're blocked from seeing Fox Sports stories on Facebook. Facebook said
17 Feb 2021 ... ... 4) Trending Stories - Facebook bans Aussie news 5) Billy's Quote Of The Day 6
BTW The Betoota Advocate is having a wonderful time on Facebook. ... This is
Feb 18, 2021 ... Facebook is blocking Australian users from sharing or viewing news content
Feb 18, 2021 ... Thanos situation. The Murdoch's are pissed that Facebook and Google go
Feb 18, 2021 ... Facebook bans Australian news outlets on its platform, restricts people in
Feb 17, 2021 ... The restrictions on sharing news on Facebook in Australia come in response to
Feb 24, 2021 ... Facebook Bans News in Australia. Facebook has banned Australia from seeing
Feb 18, 2021 ... Australia wakes up to reality of Facebook without news. ... with MS Research and
Feb 17, 2021 ... ... people viewing or sharing news in Australia. Video / 9 News. Facebook bans
Feb 17, 2021 ... 9 News Australia published this video item, entitled "Facebook bans Australian
17 Feb 2021 ... Facebook has followed through on its threat to ban Australian users and ... The
Feb 18, 2021 ... Facebook has decided to ban Australian news content from its platform in
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